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The ACONITE telescope is located in the North Area Experimental Hall, CERN Prevessin site. The area is H6A, the hut/barrack is HNA-447, see also List of barracks and users in the North Area Experimental Halls.

Aconite in june2015.jpg


PC infrastructure

  • local network: 192.168.4.XXX
  • TerminalPC in the barrack
    • OS: Mac
    • name:
    • login: (get the password from
    • IP:
    • EUDAQ:
    • disk usage:
  • NI crate in the area
    • name: NIACONITE
    • login: telescope (get the password from
    • IP:
    • The telescope working folder is C:\opt, which contains EUDAQ and JTAG files
    • NI raid usage (d:): <10% of 6 TB


JTAG files:

plane sensor (PCB) comments
0 70 HR10
1 18 HR10
2 81 HR20
3 3 HR10
4 9b HR10
5 10b HR10